Customer's View of Web-Est's Auto Body Estimating Program

We at Web-Est take pride in the products we have to offer. Our auto estimating program  has all the functions shop managers and technicians will look for in a program. Below is an interview with Abshir Hassan, a recent new customer of ours. He's a shop manager from Ohio and he became a customer this past June. Here's what he has to say about Web-Est.

1. What do you think is the best thing about the program?
The price for the program and the internet functionality are the two best features. The price is $99 per month and that beats all the other providers, while also doing exactly the same thing they do, often times doing it better. The internet functionality is great because if I'm home and want to look at what my shop did for the day, I can just go online and take a look. I also have a laptop, so if I'm on the road and need to give an estimate to a customer, I just look it up on my laptop. The program is excellent for shops that go on the road to do work.

2. Some say the internet is a drawback for the program. What do you think about the internet as a tool for auto body estimating?
I've had no problems with the internet. The internet is always accessible for me. But what's better is that the internet allows you guys to do all of the part price updates for me. I don't have to worry about that at all. I used Comp-Est in the past and it was always such a hassle to update my program every month. Getting the updates automatically is much more convenient.

3. What about the part prices on the program? Have they been accurate for you as you've written estimates for your customers?
Prices have been exactly the same as some of the other providers out there. I've had customers come in with estimates from other shops using different programs, and my prices are always the same as theirs. Because Web-Est uses Mitchell for their part pricing information, I've never had any problem.

4. Some shop owners have used the same program for years and just don't want to switch over and learn a new program. How easy was it for you to learn the program when you first started?
It didn't take long at all. The 14-day trial helped me learn the program before I committed to it. Because of the trial and the training from your staff, I was ready to start writing estimates for customers almost as soon as I bought it.

5. How has the program worked for you so far?
The program has been fantastic. I've been really happy with how it functions and how easy it is to use. Whenever I have to write an estimate, I just jump onto the program, whip right through it within 5 minutes and hand it off to my customer. The estimates the program produces are organized and professional. We've been really happy with the program.