How Web-Est Collision Estimating Software Helps Auto Body Shops

It's not uncommon for customers to ask us up front why they should make the switch to Web-Est Collision Estimating Software. "Why should I go through the hassle of learning a new program? Switching programs will only make my life more difficult." That's an honest question, one we hear from time to time. Well...let's ask that question here. Let's explore how Web-Est can make life easier for an auto body shop. Read More...

Web-Est Announces New Feature Letter Feature to its Estimating Software

Web-Est recently announced the addition of a new letter feature to their collision estimating software. "This feature offers a number of options for users when communicating with their customers," said Eric Seidel, President and CEO. Users now have access to authorization letters, follow-up letters, estimate approval letters, as well as custom made letters. The feature is available to all Web-Est collision estimating users. Click here to read the full announcement.

Web-Est Releases New Product Updates to Collision Estimating Software

Web-Est recently announced the release of multiple product updates. The update to Web-Est Collision Estimating aim to optimize user experience by updating multiple aspects of the program. Click here to get a list of the most important updates to the program.

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