Web-Est Ahead of Collision Estimating Competitors in 64-Bit Technology

Web-Est Customer: "I just recently bought seven new computers for my shop, but I can't write estimates because my provider's collision estimating software isn't compatible with the new computer technology out there in the market."

Are you a shop owner that has recently bought a new computer or are thinking about buying a new computer? Are you a shop owner with a new computer who can't write estimates because your collision estimating provider doesn't have the technology to match your computing capabilities? Countless auto shops that have made technology upgrades have reached out to us to ask if we're able to provide them with their auto body estimating needs because they're estimate programs aren't functioning properly. Are you one of those shops?

Within the last five years or so, technology providers such as Microsoft, Google and Apple have pushed what's called 64-bit computer processing to their consumer product line. A computer's processing technology has to do with its ability to process information as it performs tasks for its user. Basically, the higher the bit, the faster it performs its users tasks. The processing technology that has been dominant for consumer computers has long been 32-bit, while super-computers and government computing stations have operated under 64-bit since the 1970's. A computer with 64-bit technology is able to process information much faster than 32-bit. With these recent upgrades by the major technology companies, everyday consumers, like auto body technicians, are able to perform everyday tasks with the technology that super-computers have operated under for last 30-40 years.

The problem that occurs, however, is that programs that have been designed specifically for 32-bit computers are unable to function properly on the new 64-bit computers that consumers have been flooding stores to get their hands on. Software providers have been blindsided by the technology upgrade and have been playing catch up to get their programs functionable on the new computing technology.

Collision repair estimating companies are having the same problems. Estimating providers that are still ancient enough to operate on disks are the ones still playing catch up. Those providers have not generated the technology to make their software compatible with the new 64-bit technology that allow auto body shop managers and technicians to perform their tasks with greater speed. In other words...they're slow and behind the technology curve!

Are you a shop owner that has upgraded your computers, yet have been blind sided by the fact that your estimate provider is not as technologically advanced as you are? Is your shop now equipped with the latest computing technology, yet unable to do something as basic as writing estimates because you're provider is too slow to provide the proper compatibility?

Our internet technology at Web-Est allows us to remain up-to-date with the computer processing advancements that have been taking place in the consumer market. If you have invested that boat-load of cash to upgrade your shop computer's performance, or you're thinking about it, then Web-Est can provide you with the estsimating capabilities that other providers cannot. Our collision estimating software functions to full capacity on the 64-bit processor, allowing you as a shop owner to take full advantage of the advancements that the market is pressing forward with. Our competitors? They're still playing catch up.


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