Key Ingredients For Smooth Auto Body Shop Operations

While there is no set formula for running an auto body shop, there are some things you can do with your auto body operations to improve the chances you have for success.

Marketing- One of the first things that any body shop should do is learn proper marketing techniques to get customers to their site. This could be done online, on TV, through the mail, on the radio, or through any number of other venues you may use for your business. Take an auto body shop profit training course to see what you can do to get a fair amount of customers coming to you daily.

Customer Base- You need to understand the needs of your customers so you can respond to them. As part of your auto body operations, you should make an effort to talk to your customers on a regular basis so you can get a feel for what they like and don't like about your business. You will also make a good impression this way by being directly involved with your customers. You will create a face for the business that people will learn to trust. They will come back to you as a result of that.

Staff Training- Never stop training your staff or yourself. If there is an auto body seminar in the area, take the whole shop down to learn and develop together. If you know that there is one staff member that is lacking in certain areas, you need to dedicate some time with that person to make sure he or she lives up to the standards of the shop. Maybe even consider holding a training seminar at your own shop. Sometimes all people need is a good trainer to be the best in their profession. You could be that for someone that works for you.

Budget, Expenses- Always pay yourself last. This is a tough lesson in small business ownership, but its the truth. It's one of the biggest lessons you will learn in any profit training you go through. While it may be tempting to pay yourself first when you are low on money, you have to remember that your staff member have bills to pay too. If you cannot pay them well enough to get food on the table, they will go elsewhere. Then you will be left to handle all of your auto body operations on your own. Do what you can to keep your staff around and take the sacrifices on your own in the mean time.


What are some things you would add?  What are important ingredients to consider when it comes to owning a small business or managing an auto body shop to success?