Using Mobile Estimating To Improve Customer Service

Written by Senior Account Executive, Mike Hough

I am frequently asked by our customers "How can I increase my Sales-to-Estimates percentages?" While there are many areas to touch on in regards to that question, I am going to focus on a commonly overlooked way to make your shop stand out as a Service Leader by using just a fraction of the potential that Web-Est Collision Estimating Software provides you.

Customer Service is more than just a catch-phrase; it is so important that it can be the only reason a vehicle owner chooses your shop over all others that they may have visited. While any body shop can write an estimate, many forget a golden rule: First Impressions are Lasting Impressions!

We must never forget that from the moment a potential customer's vehicle is damaged until the repair process is complete and the vehicle returned to them, their daily routines are interrupted and they are both inconvenienced and stressed out. They must take the vehicle for estimates, wait for insurance approval, arrange for a rental car, drop off the vehicle for repair, return the rental car and pick up their repaired vehicle. For most this will cause interference in their job, school or home schedule multiple times over the course of the repair process. Also, the average vehicle owner will find the repair process completely foreign, intimidating and frustrating. The question is; How can I stand out as Service Leader in a sea of body shops? One Web-Est solution is to offer Mobile Estimating.

Since Web-Est is web based, and is smart device compatible, you already have the ability to get a "Jump" on the competitors in your area. When a potential customer calls to inquire about getting an estimate, you can schedule to inspect their vehicle at their home or place of employment. When you make that offer, you will probably be answered with something similar to "You would do that for me?" Congratulations! You have just separated yourself from all of the other shops in your area with Customer Service. You have made the first step in the repair process a much more pleasant experience for your potential new customer. The vehicle owner will not forget that when it is time to decide on who will be entrusted with the repairs to their vehicle.

Not only can you write the estimate at the vehicle's location, but you can also attach images to the estimate and email it to the customer/insurance company directly from the site. You have just saved the customer from lost time at work/school/home and reduced their stress on the front end of the repair process. The potential customer will take note of your unequaled Customer Service, and it will weigh heavily in their shop choice decision.

You have just taken advantage of a golden rule: First Impressions are Lasting Impressions! All you need do is utilize the awesome potential of a tool you already possess: Web-Est Collision Estimating Software!