How Web-Est Collision Estimating Software Helps Auto Body Shops

It's not uncommon for customers to ask us up front why they should make the switch to Web-Est Collision Estimating Software. "Why should I go through the hassle of learning a new program? Switching programs will only make my life more difficult." That's an honest question, one we hear from time to time. Well...let's ask that question here. Let's explore how Web-Est can make life easier for an auto body shop. Just to give some insight into how we think we can make life easier for an auto shop, we can make life easier for an auto body shop because of our efficiency, reliability, mobility and affordability.

Efficiency- We at Web-Est have built an efficient way of estimating for body shops. Our platform is entirely web-based. This provides a number of advantages for the way estimating is done. One advantage is data updates. Our part price updates are completed by our staff for subscribers every month. Updating every month provides users with the latest information almost as soon as it comes out. While we're on the subject, our labor times are industry standard. Using data from Mitchel International, our estimates are accepted by every insurance company in the industry. With industry-standard labor times, part prices and monthly updates, our data is timely, accurate and available for your estimating needs immediately.

Reliability- Web-Est Collision Estimating Software is a reliable program that comes complete with free training and technical support. When customers purchase our program, all of the shop's technicians are given professional training on the platform. Our training aims to bring users up-to-speed as quickly as possible. We want to equip customers with the skills to do less busy work setting up for figuring out the program. By the end of the training, users are able to breeze through an estimate in under 5 minutes. Additionally, our program comes complete with free technical support. While some auto estimating programs charge for technical support, ours comes free of charge.

Mobility- Web-Est Collision Estimating has incredible mobility. Because our program is entirely on the web, its accessible from any location. Are you out of the office and want to see the shop's workflow? Hop online and check. Are you on the road, checking the damage to a potential customer's vehicle? Bring your tablet, jump online and write an estimate immediately. With subscription purchase, no download is necessary with no limitations to *devices* to access it. 

Affordability- The primary aim of Web-Est has always been to provide affordable auto estimating software for auto body shops. At $99/monthly and a down payment for only one year, our program is one of the lowest cost programs on the market. In addition, our program comes complete at that rate. The package includes unlimited estimating, point-and-click estimating, Vin Decodes, Aftermarket Part pricing, LKQ-Keystone, reporting capabilities, supplements, photo imaging, and letter templates. There are no surprises, hidden fees or capabilities that we withhold. All these features come included in our base package.

Web-Est offers a free, 14-day Free trial.  Click here to start your Free Trial.