Web-Est Announces participation with GM’s MyPriceLink


Web-Est is excited to be using GM's MyPriceLink data with their estimating products. MyPriceLink is designed to make GM part prices available instantly, allowing collision estimating providers to use real-time part price data in their estimating platforms.

How will this impact Web-Est users?

Web-Est will be using MyPriceLink to provide our customers with real-time data to make their estimates more accurate and efficient. This means better part prices for your GM vehicle estimates. Once completely rolled out, the new data will also include an order number that can be used with your local GM dealer to order parts electronically which translates to less time on the phone.

What do I need to do as a Web-Est user?

In a word, nothing. Web-Est will be collecting the data while you are writing the estimate in real-time. Because of Web-Est’s online platform we are able to make this change behind the scenes without any additional work from our users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is being tested this summer?

GM is working with the major estimating systems to ensure that the end users can write estimates in a seamless, transparent manner. The testing will assess the following objectives:

  • Confirm the technology and data flow is performing as designed
  • Confirm estimates can be written with minimal disruption to current daily workflow
  • Confirm that estimates are displaying the correct pricing

The testing will also engage GM dealers and DMS companies, making sure a dealer can fulfill an order with MPL pricing and DMS invoice integration.

When will this happen?

GM is engaging with all participants and is targeting a summer timeframe for testing, which will result in a Fall launch for MyPriceLink.

For more information contact Web-Est or wait for our next update.